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So you want to run a half marathon!


By now you are most likely aware and realize the challenges in this serious training for the Half Marathon Training Schedule.

When it comes to training for a half marathon you need a good Half Marathon Training Schedule to follow. A failure to plan, is a plan to fail.

A very effective way to rain for a half marathon is to run daily at many different speeds and travel different distances.

squats and lunges could help.

training for a half marathon is not an easy task that is why you need a Half Marathon Training Schedule. You will need to prepare yourself and your body and learn how to run at different distances, speeds, run on different terrain, travel through different weather conditions and cope with fatigue and different pain levels.

Another thing to remember is your baseline level. Your baseline level is your maximum output.

In order to increase your baseline you need to constantly push your baseline levels up during your Half Marathon Training Schedule and have a quick recovery so your baseline will stay at a high point and will be maintained and moved up to a constant rate. The goal is to get your baseline to a point where you can run 13.1 miles with ease.

With so many programs available to increase your baseline it might be difficult to find one that works for you.

My favorite program for training for a Half Marathon Training Schedule can be accessed by clicking here!

The half marathon is sort of a friendly distance. People who started out running the road in a 5-k or 10-k distance can consider the half marathon the next step forward.

Some pro runners like the half marathons due to the fact that it is only 13 miles, compared to the full 26 mile marathons. Recovery happens quickly.

Running half marathons are equally exciting as a regular marathon the only difference is the distance and you get to go home early.

Some experienced runners also run these half marathon races for training for the bigger and longer runs.

By doing this, it gives you an idea of what to expect at a full marathon.

For this reason, more runners are looking for half marathons compared to full marathons.

To complete a half marathon you would need to dedicate 12 weeks prior to the half marathon race.

Here you will find information on how to exceed and prepare yourself for the next 12 weeks or for the half marathon race.

To plan your training for the half marathon navigate your way through our website and find the guides and workouts that fits you or is right for you.

In our website you will find the latest tips, workouts and training advice.

Get ready and prepare for your

Half Marathon Training Schedule

you will find guides, cheat sheets and much more to help you prepare for this half marathon training schedule.



It’s time to start training for your half marathon race!